Fat Makes Thin!

Dr. Chen Shares the Science of Nutritional Oils

Meet the Fat Guy

He’s tall, thin and athletic. So why “The Fat Guy”?

Because he’s one of the world’s leading experts on lipids—the essential fats that healthy bodies need.

The Fat Guy is Dr. Chen Chen, a nutritional PhD scientist with exceptional knowledge about the fats that can heal us, and the fats that do us harm.

Chen’s mission is to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives, by sharing the secrets of good nutrition.


Fighting Fat with Fat

One of the most dramatic discoveries in recent years has been the role of fat in weight loss. It’s a complete reversal of thinking.

Logically, eating fat should make you fat—and until recently, that’s what most experts believed.

Now we know the opposite is true. Eating the right fat can make you thin!

The basic is reason is this: when you eat fat, you train your body to use fat for fuel, instead of sugar-filled foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and sweets.

Once the body starts using fat for fuel, it doesn’t stop with what you eat—it burns the fat in your belly, your butt, and everywhere else.

It’s Not Just Weight Loss… It’s Total Health

Eating the right fats in the right proportions is the best way to lose weight. But it’s much more than that. High-fat low-carb eating has been shown to have a positive impact on total wellbeing, including:

  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Immunity
  • Healthy aging

Dr. Chen’s purpose is to help people in all aspects of health. That includes weight loss, but also enjoying more years of happy, active living.