KTD Suggestions & To-Do List

Moving forward on the KTD Project, I envision a custom-crafted version that moves beyond what has been put together so far. I don’t have any specifics at this time…that’s where you come in. Put your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll be maintaining a running list of Accepted Suggestions in a To-Do List (that’s all capitalized to make it sound important and official.) I personally have several ideas that I’ll kick it off with.

  • Alternative Linux versions such as Ubuntu, Mint, etc.
  • Improve the navigation within the CD3WD files.
  • Add navigation for the KTD Extra files assembled by Mark.

4 thoughts on “KTD Suggestions & To-Do List

  1. Look at Puppy Linux. I ran with that for some years and was happy with it (I had tried Knoppix earlier but didn’t care for it). I now use Arch Linux for my main OS but this project would be better suited to Puppy. It can also boot off DVD, and there is even an option in DVD for permanence! Since Puppy comes with Firefox or Seamonkey you could use the browser for navigation.

    1. No, because it just works as-is across a wide variety of _my_ different ages of laptops — 7 to 2 years old. The stick includes an Install to Hard Drive option, though, and any individual could do that, and then go through the upgrade process.

  2. Tootie,
    what is up with you messing with this cancer stuff? get rid of it and lets get back in the game. Brother, what can I do for you? I’m leaving for China in 2 days and will be gone until the end of the month.So email and internet will be more sensored there then here!

    I want to put together a LVCC Kids Reunion, and I want your help! get well so you can.

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