The Knoppix Thumb Drive (KTD) Project

SanDisk Cruzer 32GB USB Thumb Drive

I want to make sure that everyone visiting understands that this is not my idea. I am standing on the shoulders of Mark, a.k.a. Greylocke, the man who put the concept out there, assembled all the links, wrote the instructions, and started telling the world about it. Additionally, he gave me a LOT of help one Saturday when my mad hacking skillz deserted me, without which this version of KTD would still be incomplete. Here’s how Mark describes the KTD:

The Knoppix Thumb Drive Project is a bootable USB Thumbdrive with the Knoppix Operating System, that can be used to boot almost any PC with a USB Drive. It contains a full reference library with the Third World Technology Files know as CD3WD and some extra files of many US Military Manuals on things ranging from Survival, Medical, Water purification and Sanitation to Construction.

Also, thanks go to Claire Wolfe, currently of Backwoods Home Magazine, for publicizing it where I could find it, and giving me the nudge to put this together as an Extremely Tiny Bidness.

To order, click the PayPal link below. I generally keep two or three completed KTDs on hand, and I can generally turn the order around in a day. Shipping will be via USPS from a secure undisclosed location in the great state of Texas.

The current price of the completed KTD Project Thumb Drive is $35. That covers the cost of the thumb drive, currently (as of 12/11/12) sold at Amazon for $19.99, the shipping costs via USPS, and my time & effort. As costs go up and down, I will change this, but probably not more often than once a month.

Yes, I’m not a fan of PayPal, either, but it’s there and it works. If you don’t care to use them, I’m happy to accept checks, money orders, or dubloons. I’ll consider other forms of payment, as well. Please click & complete this form to let me know your preference, and I will give you a mailing address.

To be crystal clear, this is something that you can do. Mark has written a good guide to the downloads required and how to implement them, to create your own KTD drive. What I’ve done here is no different than that, except I’ve removed the tedious downloading & extracting & somewhat technical boot-disk creation from your life.

I’m also working on improving this project. Please click here for the Suggestion / To-Do List. I’ll be adding features on an as-available basis.


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