That Was Childish

But it was sure fun!

Before, side — with the implement of destruction

Before, front




BWAHAHAHAHA!!3! Close-up (see the grass thru the hole? tee hee)

The Hall of Dead Storage

My new gay little Wal-Mart slip-on brogans; they have a waffle sole.

I think I’ll use the .45 for the next one…thet #4 shot is okay in a pinch, but…

Dang, I forgot what a kick that sumbuck has. My shoulder hurts.

19 thoughts on “That Was Childish

  1. Way back in the day, I was living in Germany and working for a government contractor doing in-warranty repair of 286′s for the Army and Air Force. (Damn I feel old all of a sudden). Anyway, when the field techs couldn’t get a machine working, they would send it to me in the main depot. If I couldn’t get it to work, I took a 50,000 volt stun gun to the motherboard and shipped the fooker back to the manufacturer.

    I don’t think I could have gotten away with #4 buck shot, but I bet that it would have felt even better.

  2. If you have some more stress to work off, me and some friends have got a few that we can send you, but only if you promise to send us video!!!

  3. I knew someone on my blogroll had done something similar. Sorry ’bout that.

    Your aunt’s pretty hot, for a rummie.

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