Some books are worth all the radiation in the world

Kirkus has the following review of JUDGE OF AGES, which comes out next month:

This gives me great happiness! The first two books of Wright’s Menelaus Montrose trilogy have been a joy to read, and I was deeply worried that I wouldn’t make it to the publication of the wrap-up.

This is sci-fi, for those members of the Lazy Dog Literary Society who remember to read my drivel. It’s SF you would probably enjoy, if you would just try (Otis, Dr Messerstien, Senator — I’m talking to yall.)

7 thoughts on “Some books are worth all the radiation in the world

      1. No, it is I who should find ways to lend books at you.

        You might enjoy Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman, which connects to Taleb’s The Black Swan.

        Trying to get first son to read Starship Troopers. Wish me luck.

        1. Eh. We’re all in this together. Anyway, it’s not loanable. So I might send you a .mobi copy from Calibre.

          I can’t enjoy NF any more. It’s hard enough holding the 13000th space pirate novel plot in my head. Make it something truly thoughtful and challenging, and I’m useless.

    1. Boy 1 is 13, Boy 2 is 10 minus millimeters. Older is ready but engrossed in some Patterson trilogy of swords and shit. Time to get his mech on.

  1. Sir, I hate to admit this, but the third book is not the last in the series. CONCUBINE VECTOR is sitting on the Editor’s desk, and the first three chapters of VINDICATION OF MAN are sitting on my desk, still being written.

    If you would like to read all I have written so far, as a personal favor to you, I will send you a copy of the works in progress, if you send me your email address.

    Yours, John C Wright

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