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This is kind of neat, in a wonky, media-head kind of way: a list of all the local teevee, radio station, newspapers, and cable systems, and who owns them. Let me tell ya…there’s a TON of crap out there that I don’t read, watch or listen to.

But what’s kind of funny, in a wonky, media-head kind of way, is to compare actual ownership statistics to all the aggrieved whining I’ve heard over the last few years about the consolidation of media and it’s attendant horrors. The by-far favorite whipping boy, Clear Channel, is tied for first — with two other companies (Viacom and Susquehanna).

Clear Channel, the unstoppable monolith, hold 6 of 57 radio licenses. Big. Dang. Whoop. I’m supposed to be frightened about that? Why? Bottom line, there is one hell of a lot of variety out there if you can be bothered to lift a finger and look for it instead of bitching about a successful company.

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  1. Really cool link. Oddly, in most of the places I’ve lived in the past five years, Clear Channel isn’t that much of a major player-I guess I’m surprised a little. Another website you might enjoy for road trips, assuming they get it up and running again, is – they have listings of radio stations state-by-state, with frequencies, power in watts, and format. R

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Radio, radio…

Kevin has a nice bit of news about country radio in Houston:

How about that?! A station that plays real country, albeit older country (like Merle, Willie, Waylon, Charley Pride, and the like) instead of that tampon-selling pop/dance music with a twang produced by Nashville is actually doing well. In a real radio market!

The format of the station in question sounds a lot like my ranch favorite, KTFW, Country Gold. While they don’t play hardly any new Texas stuff, they sure do support it. Terry Rasor got on live a couple of times to talk about last week’s clambake with Mike Crow.

As for the financial side of things Texana/Americana, go talk to the boys at KHYI. They’re not getting rich. Hell, talk to me. While it’s full of fervent fans, it’s a damn small base. Wish it weren’t so, but there ya go.

Still and all, I’m thrilled to hear that there is one case of a Tejas David conquering the Nashville Goliath. Let’s hope it’s sustainable, and better, that it spreads.

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  1. If you are ever up in oklahoma from about Durant on northeast, tune to 107.3. They play the same format.

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