Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy – Live, Here

Clicky for funny. I’d love to know how many other states this might be playing in.

I’m snarfing off the little lady’s cool-guy audio site, but seeing as how I’ve paid for web hosting for six years, I reckon I’m entitled. At least until she finds out.

Audio contributed by a nice person with no blog.

17 thoughts on “Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy – Live, Here

  1. Obviously the comments above are not from Texans. :) But no biggie..I like Budweiser..but Shiner is good stuff too.
    And it’s no big deal about using the link..just happy to share.
    San Antonio, TEXAS

  2. LMAO!! LOVE IT! Obviously, some of you don’t know anything about Texas, or you would “get it”. Texas is a whole other country, and very proud of it! :)

  3. Having been forced to move to Texas 3 years ago I could not agree with it more. If you deal with NATIVE Texans often you will get it. If you ARE a NATIVE Texan and don’t get it then…..Yes that IS what the rest of the free world thinks of YOU!!!!!!

  4. I LOVE IT!!!! I really laughed when i first heard it on KVET in Austin. I am a Native Texan and it is definitely a damn good description of me and I don’t care if they do think I’m way to proud of Texas. I love this state and wouldn’t live anywhere else, I love it, Heat ‘n all. Even if I don’t really drink Bud Light….. Sorry :D but I drink Miller Light but I might have one every once in a while or if someone buys me one.

  5. I’m a native Texan and I LOVE this commercial. It’s certainly the only one I’ve searched for on the internet just so I could share it with my husband. My favorite line? The backup singer at the end: “Yankee Wussies”
    We Texans get the joke and laugh as hard as anyone because our senses of humor are really huge!

  6. The “sure, there are 49 other states, but they’re smaller…” comment? WTF? Texas isn’t even the largest state! This whole commercial just makes Texans look stupid.

  7. I LOVE the Texas commercial. I am proudly employed by the Great State of Texas as a Travel Counselor. My job is to promote TEXAS travel, and I know Texas. Great “Bud” commercial, we need more like that. I am a lover of the LONE STAR STATE!!!!!!

    Don’t Mess with Texas….#1 National Slogan!!!!

  8. i am texas born, raised, and true texan til the day i die. for those who arn’t texans you probably will never understand what it feels like to be texan, and i feel sorry for you, but there is no other state like texas. and about alaska, how many people actually live in alaska? texas will always be the biggest!!!

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