Long-term Stay Travel PROTIP

Bring your own pillow(s).*

If necessary, for image camoflauge purposes, put it in an ACU MOLLE-equipped tactical load-out duffel:


NB: the load-out duffel has room for your favorite blanky, too. And probably a 16″ barrel battle rifle & enough magazines to fight your way back to your home base if the balloon goes up.**

*I thought I could ride it out and make do, but nope. I am so stove up, I’m fixing to get into the opiates. After I go buy the one I need, which fortunately is available at the Wal-Mark.

**I fret about these things.

3 thoughts on “Long-term Stay Travel PROTIP

  1. Well the shine wears off when you put everything you’ll need to live in the desert for 14 months in this, add battle rattle, rifle, pistol, 30 magazines 20 rds ea 5.56mm, 3 magazines 15 rds ea 9mm, 3 grenades, 2 canteens, bayonet, intenching tool, body armor, night vision gear, Kevlar helmet, compass, GPS, map case, radio, batteries and GRUNT.

    1. I wasn’t speaking to hardened warriors like yourself, Tom. I was speaking to fat guys sleeping in feather beds not their own. Yall probably use MREs for pillows.

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