Halfway Done and a surprise brain MRI

Not much to update. There are no majors, and the minors remain few.

The radiation doc ordered up a brain MRI because of headaches. These are the same headaches I’ve since I embarked on a career as a Fat Guy when I don’t get enough to eat. I’m not concerned, except the part of me that’s convinced it’s naught but a rotting shell of tumors in my skull, which is a tiny part of me.

Let me say this about brain MRIs — if that’s the best we can do as a human race, a generation of eggheads has dropped the ball. What an ass-whipping. 45 minutes of beating and banging and carrying on. It’s easy to lose the will to live when you’re lying in there being still. All I could think was, “You know, I could be in Key West dying slowly and learning to fly-fish for bonefish or tarpon, instead of laying here in Houston being assaulted by a GDMFSOBing machine.” It’s not just the viciousness and the volume of the damn noises, it’s the variety, like a junior college industrial music octet warming up for the Big Shoo.

Well, that’s enough whining. Back to the Varian in a couple of hours…

6 thoughts on “Halfway Done and a surprise brain MRI

  1. They’ve got a machine that can see INSIDE YOUR FUCKING HEAD, slice it into dozens of slices a millimeter thin, turn it into false color, animate it into a 3D image, and all without a SINGLE INCISION, and this guy complains about it.
    You would complain if you got poked in the ass with a golden pick.

      1. Mr Phelps makes a good point. But complaints such as these tell me you are feeling okay. It is when you aren’t acting like Mr Cynic that I get concerned

  2. Adapting the human to fit the machine….
    It’s why I went for a dose of “don’t remember, don’t care” for my MRI.

  3. Am certain the scan will reveal you have a brain. Several of mine yielded questionable results on cranial content.

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