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But how heartening, as one watches the viral video of Obama droning on while a mere foot and a half away Mr. Jantjie rubs his belly and tickles his ear, to think that the White House’s usual money-no-object security operation went to the trouble of flying in Air Force One, plus the “decoy” Air Force One, plus support aircraft, plus the 120-vehicle motorcade or whatever it’s up to by now, plus a bazillion Secret Service agents with reflector shades and telephone wire dangling from their ears, to shepherd POTUS into the secured venue and then stand him onstage next to an $85-a-day violent schizophrenic.

Mark Steyn.

“He hit it into the pigeons!”

Texas Rangers broadcaster Eric Nadel honored by Hall of Fame with Ford C. Frick Award

Texas Rangers radio broadcaster Eric Nadel, who has worked with the team since 1979, was named the winner of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick Award on Wednesday morning and will be honored on July 26 in Cooperstown, N.Y. during Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

Nadel received the highest point total of 20 finalists on the ballot.

“Eric Nadel’s play-by-play has entertained Rangers fans across the Lone Star Stateand throughout the Southwest during warm Texas nights since 1979,” said Jeff Idelson, President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. “From Nolan Ryan’s memorable milestones to American League Championship clinching moments, Eric’s crisp, energetic and enthusiastic delivery of Texas Rangers baseball has transcended multiple generations for 35 seasons.”

Dang, man, it’s hard to believe it’s been 35 years. I’ve always greatly preferred the radio broadcasts over the teevee announcers, and it displeases me that I can’t get it out here in Hayseedlandia. But it can be delivered through the magic of the tubes, and so I pay, every year, to get the MLB stream on my laptop and my phone, and if I ever become a tablet person, I’ll pay for it there, too. It’s a different deal, baseball on the radio, and it’s better.

Congratulatins, Mr Nadel.

My title refers to my all-time favorite Nadel moment. It came during some meaningless summer day game, and the Rangers were on the road, no idea where, but…the infield had a large covey of pigeons that had landed between 2B and 3B, and were obliviously pecking around as pigeons do, and Nadel and his broadcast partner, it could have been Holtzie, were giggling like schoolgirls over the scene, and hence making me giggle. Some nameless batter than poked one right into the dang middle of those stupid pigeons, causing Nadel to exclaim excitedly “He hit it into the pigeons! He hit it right into the middle of the pigeons!” Classic baseball radio. I can hear it in my head now.

”We tried to do the same thing for men’s underwear,” reported one of the researchers, “but it was too far away [from the heart].” That has always been a problem. Still, one can imagine other forms of behavior modification that may be facilitated by underpants sensors.
- Nick Carr, bona fide genius

Glengarry Glen Ross in the PacNorWest

Dysfunction at the top: Eric Wedge, others point to trouble in Mariners’ front office | Mariners | The Seattle Times.

Eric Wedge sat simmering in a Safeco Field conference room as his bosses laid into him.

It was 14 months ago, two days after the 2012 season, and Mariners president Chuck Armstrong unleashed what Wedge calls “a ferocious, venom-filled tirade” about the team, coaches and players. Armstrong told him the club “sickened” him and was “disgusting” and “disturbing,” while Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln agreed and added choice barbs of his own.

Wedge said general manager Jack Zduriencik had assured him earlier that the duo was pleased with the 75-87 team, winners of eight more games than in 2011 and 14 more than in 2010.

Now, he felt blindsided and let down by Zduriencik. He waited until Lincoln was done, then, unable to hold back, let him and Armstrong know how he felt.

“It got real heated,” Wedge said. “I started fighting back with Chuck and Howard and it got loud.”

Wedge chided them for their dugout meddling, poor leadership and lack of faith in struggling young players. He argued the Mariners had revamped their foundation and won more despite a roster full of rookies, millions in payroll cuts and an upper management that never fully bought into its own rebuilding plan.

He says he told them: “All I’ve done is exactly what I said I was going to do and all you’ve done is the exact opposite.”

Things got so heated, Lincoln walked out.

“I think,” Wedge said, “that was the beginning of the end.”

This is quite the story from up in that Seattle, where they just pulled a Tom Hicks and paid Robinson Cano $240 meeeelion dollars for 10 years. If even half of it is true, dysfunctional is the least-harsh term one could use.

Me, I remain slack-jawed at the Cano deal. They’ve got just not much else to put around him, or nothing that sticks in my swiss-cheese brain, except for King Felix. And hell if they’re making that kind of deal for Cano, maybe Jon Daniels can roll in there with a bright green Caddy and some bling, talk ‘em out of the King.

Day Two of Not-Quite-Sleetmageddon

  • I made what I thought would be apathetic chili — 2 lbs of hamburger meat, 1 old white onion, a can of Rotel, and the secret weapon, an at-least 4 year-old box of Carroll Shelby Chili Mix I found in my emergency stores / survival goods. It turned out quite awesome. I am thrilled, and have eaten about four bowls.
  • I also made cornbread.
  • I also made some instant mashed potatoes.
  • One pimento-cheese foldie sammich.
  • My truck is shrouded in ice — ice about 1 mm thick. Same with the trees.
  • The biggest problem so far is this farting dog that I have rather weak-heartedly allowed inside as the temps are below freezing.

Rather uneventful, and I’m quite happy with that. I’ve worried more about my sainted mother trying to get out and drive over two or three counties doing mom stuff, than I have about anything here at my Undisclosed Location.