A: because Americans deserve contempt

Jeopardy Style, bitches: Why do elected officials hold Americans in such contempt, Alex?

A Loophole Allows Lawmakers to Reel In Trips and Donations – NYTimes.com.

Excerpts below. Didn’t bother with ellipses. When was YOUR last hot tub, 2.5 hour dinner, coctail party, ski/fishing/hunting lobbyist-funded circle jerk?

After some time in the hot tub, an evening cocktail reception and a two-and-a-half-hour dinner in a private dining room named Out of Bounds, Representative Adrian Smith, Republican of Nebraska, made one last stop, visiting the lounge at the Four Seasons Resort hotel here to spend more time with the lobbyists and other donors who had jetted in from Washington, D.C., to join him for the weekend getaway.

On the other side of the Rocky Mountains, in Utah, Senator Kelly Ayotte, Republican of New Hampshire, kicked off the new year in the equally upscale resort town of Park City by hitting the ski slopes in the morning with her chief of staff. She then joined a roomful of corporate executives and lobbyists at a mountaintop resort for lunch, her face flush from the mountain sun.

They allow members of Congress to hit hot spots like the Napa Valley wine country, famed golf courses and hunting preserves, as well as five-star hotels in Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, South Florida and even Bermuda.

Political campaigns and so-called leadership PACs controlled by the lawmakers now pay the expenses for the catering and the lawmakers’ lodging at these events — so they are not gifts — with money collected from the corporate executives and lobbyists, who are still indirectly footing the bill.

On the Democratic side, both Representatives Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland and Xavier Becerra of California have picked the Ritz-Carlton’s Dorado Beach hotel in Puerto Rico for their destination events, while Representative John Conyers of Michigan is scheduled to be at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Calif., this weekend, for a fund-raising event tied to the Grammy Awards. Mr. Hoyer’s political action committee alone spent $91,000 at the Puerto Rico resort in 2013, records show.

“This was a good way to raise some funds,” he said as he emerged from the Flame restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail. The meal, with campaign donors and lobbyists, included kimchi brussels sprouts, bacon-wrapped prawns, Wagyu strip steak and Franciscan Estate Cabernet, a Napa blend that cost $60 a bottle.

The fund-raising events that are not in the lawmakers’ home states often dovetail with their hobbies. Representative Aaron Schock, Republican of Illinois and an avid skier, made the trip this month to Vail, for example, while Representative Collin C. Peterson, Democrat of Minnesota, has hunted turkeys in Florida, geese in Texas and quail in Georgia over the last three years, according to invitations sent to lobbyists.

A spokesman for Representative Smith said that the lawmaker had bought his own ski pass in Vail, but that his travel, lodging and meals had been provided to him at no personal expense.

“The most important thing is we want all of you to have fun, because I know we’re going to have a lot of snow tomorrow,” Mr. Whitfield said as he greeted a room packed with lobbyists in the $8.75 million penthouse suite at the Four Seasons, which featured a candlelit rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Vail Mountain, as waiters struggled to keep up with the demand for drinks. “Thank you again for your support,” he said, “and continue your celebrating tonight.”

After the reception at Mr. Smith’s house, Ms. Ayotte went to a hotel bar, at Chateau Deer Valley, and spent more than an hour chatting with two aides and a donor who is a lawyer and who had attended the party.

Mr. McKeon, the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has hosted an annual golfing and fishing fund-raiser at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla., which his donor list suggests is largely attended by defense contractors, who have relied on Mr. McKeon to help block cuts in spending for new weapons systems. He held the event last year — with his travel costs provided — though he announced last week that he is not running for re-election.

“We would also need to have numerous events to come close to raising what we do from the Key Largo event, and it’s a fun and popular event for supporters,” Ms. McCurley said.

Tar and feathers are too good, but the worst that these sleek, overfed fucks are going to have to worry about is a primary opponent looking to get his or her snout into the trough.

Make It Go Faster

Alternatively, Burn It All Down

Alternatively, well, I can’t say it. People on the internet tubes have, and they ended up with the 5-0 in their house taking their stuff.

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  1. Another loophole allows Congresscritters to make insider stock trades, while at least the Left vilifies those non-Congresscritters who do so.

        1. I hate to be a wet blanket, but when was the last time these fucks paid a molecule of respect to the Constitution? And where does this movement come from in-state, anyway? They’re federal mini-mes.

          1. Scott,

            I wouldn’t want to be an anti-gun Congress critter in Colorado and come November, I damn sure wouldn’t want that picture of me supporting Obamacare circulating. The power lies with Sovereign States as it was designed 250 years ago. All us old farts fucked it up. I am going to try and make a few things right for the kiddos before I leave.

          1. Y’all are depressing me with this ‘We are so truly screwed’ nonsense. The People have always held the trump card. The card is played when we all say NO. Looks like the Gov has contravened our will to play the card. Which, I guess, was the Master Plan all along.

          2. I want to know where in the recent voting history of America, since say LBJ, you see any sign that anyone besides a few old farts are going to say no.

            It’s not a contravention, so much as an abdication — Big Mommy really DOES know better.

            Also, old farts fucked it up??? Where? Which ones? Not me. Not you. Nobody I know. Certainly not the ones who ginned up the Tea Party, and immediately became racists and were widely denigrated, not to mention IRSed.

            Nothing I would love more than to be proven 100% wrong. That would be perfect, and I’ll eat my hat if I am.

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