Daily Archives: January 22, 2013

Science Marches On

The printed AR magazine:

From Defense Distributed, Texas nerds who make me even prouder to be a Texas nerd (Ret).

The California nerds are peeing their sparkly panties over the application of technology to liberty, rather than applying it to their preferred use of making cute cases for your telephone. A Democrat from Jay-Z State is now threatening to legislate (more precisely: gasbagging the living hell out of everybody) 3D printers…I guess he wanted to get a flag planted ahead of Mommy Bloomberg.

As Jeff says often, “This is who they are. This is what they do.”

Dang it, no wolverines

The first quick trip through the internet doesn’t show any sign of angry wolverines at King Golfpants Coronation II. Mostly warmed-over tranformative progressive horseshit, burbling up from the Fourth Estate putting lipstick on the hogs.

Meanwhile, China’s directive to the People’s Liberation Army: Get Ready for War

Although past directives have directed soldiers to be prepared in case of war, this year’s directive, for the first time, uses the Chinese word “dazhang,” which means “fighting war,” and uses it 10 times in the 1000 word directive.

NB: I have no idea who this Xenakis fellow is, nor have I ever heard of GenerationalDynamics.com. He features an interesting Generational theory that I have heard supported elsewhere. Well, China’s a long way away from the Reviewing Stand of His ‘Oliness. Let’s not mess up His Day with bad karma thoughts…time enough for that tomorrow, after we sweep up the confetti, and it’s back on your heads.