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I reckon we’ll be seeing more of this in the coming days

Casual slander of great unnamed swathes of people in order to promote an agenda of control:

Yet when I say I know these people personally, I mean I know their faults and foibles too. Many, a majority even, have an involvement in the grey economy of these West Texan small towns – stuff that “falls off the back of a truck” or cash in hand that the taxman doesn’t need to know about. Many take drugs – weed, meth and prescription painkillers are the favorites around here. Many have done time for some crime themselves. Still, they fear “the other” – people who they may have experiences in common with but are not them or their small clique of good ol’ boys. The hypocrisy is obvious but never mentioned, because that simply makes the tension between their notion of what should be and their notion of what is unbearable. There’s a lot of “exploding white men” in West Texas, what Bruce Jacobs describes as “an emotional breaking point inherent in the late-capitalist tension between the venerable white male expectation of dominant power and the widespread white male reality of pain and loss and rage”. Gun control, crime, religion, race – they’re all part of and stand as proxies to an underlying zeitgeist.

That’s the second article I read today with this trope or meme in it — anecdotal hogwash about angry white guys with guns who are little more than hopped-up gangsters their ownselves. I imagine there are plenty more blog posts in Draft folders from these poor benighteds out in the hinters forced to rub shoulders with the ticking time bombs.

Note that the linked website knows from ‘falls off the back of a truck.’

The Fusilier Pundit has something important to say

you joined the NRA . . .
. . . so now you want a medal, or something?

Spend as much on these institutions and organizations as you would on your next scarcity-overpriced case of ammunition or your next batch of standard-capacity magazines—if you can find the ammunition or the mags. You can’t now, because they’re gone. They’re gone now because you didn’t buy them before the sphincters closed. The sphincters closed because you didn’t support the organizations back when this stuff was cheap.

I pretty much agree with his position, except…I’m not a member of anything (I dropped all the extras a year and a half ago.) I’ve gone back and forth on the NRA and their utility, but one undeniable point is that they are NATIONAL and they do a fine job of being NATIONAL. Since we seem to be moving to a NATIONAL Imperator model of government, that’s quite necessary.

They are also quite effective at making Our Progressive Reality-Based Betters’ heads explode.*

*I could do a week’s worth of posts on the New Jersey Fat Boy, called “Upon Which Side Is My Bread Buttered?”