Daily Archives: January 10, 2013

Not horribly interested over here

For the first time in more than a decade, not one player got the neeeded votes this year

My first attempt at thinking this morning lead me to comment at Big Bill Quick’s joint viz this MLBHOF non-business. Simply put, I don’t care about the MLBHOF. Why? Well, we’ve decided to let it be run by journalists. Who mainly want you to write about them, not baseball. And link to them. And click the ads on their employers’ websites. I guess we need journalists, but I’d prefer it if we just called them reporters again. They would have to report, instead of opinionate. And to be scrupulously fair, they do call themselves the Baseball Writers of America Association, or something close to that, and they do write, quite a lot. Well, whatevs. There are very few who are any good at writing, reporting, journalisting or opinionating, I’m afraid.

Now, me, I want some billionaire to fund a MLB Museum, with me as Executive Director. Given enough time and money, I could make a Museum that would be enjoyable and educational and sufficiently reverent to The Great Game. I might even have a little wall or nook where we could recognize good Writers About Baseball.

But then, all things considered, I think I’d rather just go join the redfishing tour, and listen to the ballgames. At 52, I don’t really care what others’ opinions are, unless I do, and I’ll let you know about that by not telling you to just shut up.