Daily Archives: January 7, 2013

Better man than me

One of my favorite Canadians, also one of the best writers of English, Colby Cosh talks about the NHL lockout in The last of the NHL labour wars

The conventional wisdom on the NHL lockout, usually delivered with a sneer, is that Canadian hockey fans will belly-crawl back to the league uncritically now that all the bickering and all the tantrums have ended. Like all conventional wisdom, it is conventional because it is quite a safe bet. I know I’ll crawl with everyone else: I’m capable of intellectually segregating my fondness for the game of hockey from my loathing of the existing institutions of hockey. (It’s not all that difficult! Nor is it shameful!) What’s different about this lockout is that in the meantime I took the bait of regular-season NBA basketball with enthusiasm for the first time ever.

I wonder how many others found the NBA to be an entertaining alternative to the NHL? I don’t, and can’t…that’s well-documented. But kids, you know, they need that constant stimulation.

I’ll be crawling back, you can take that to the bank. Despite never having laced on a pair of skates, not even for a dumb romantic moment with some old gal at the sundry rinks that have popped up over Texas, well, I pure-dee love the game, have for a long old time, back to the old Dallas Black Hawks days.