Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

Science Marches On

or, What The Eggheads Are Up To

Scientists create projectile vomiting robot named Vomiting Larry

Caltech-led astronomers estimate that at least 100 billion planets populate the galaxy
A timely reminder that you ain’t all that with your iPhone and your Twitter. Alternatively, where the hell is everybody?

Everything you’ve read about your health is wrong Because it’s written by journalists, the lit majors. The folks who spent their college years using strong spirits to inspire a robot.

G.O.D. NB: Back in the Good Old Days, this would be the traditional weekend of what was the He-Man Woman-Hater Campout. It involved whisky, beer, guns, bonfires, dogs, mountains of firewood, whisky, cards, jungle bocce, beer, potato guns, x-treme croquet, and the imbibing of strong spirits by some. The highlight was the burning of the cast-off Christmas trees, collected over the previous week or two as the holiday spirits fled. Once you see one of those go up, you will never want another natural tree anywhere near your living room. The zenith of that particular tradition was a year where we gathered and transported over 50 old trees…even with that many, there wasn’t ever one left by dawn. One of the most surprising things I learned was how many people threw out the light strings with their trees. We are all older now, married now, (some of them are) wiser now, since the last one. I miss them, but I doubt I could sleep on the cold ground in a tent anymore, not without some help from strong spirits.