Daily Archives: December 31, 2012

Oh, lookie here — some Bulleitt’s

There is a kind of song, a genre if you will, I have come to label as Booze Enablers. Here’s one by Hayes Carll, a ridiculously unknown & unappreciated genius of a songwriter:

“Do you think that I could stay in town with you? / It’s thirty miles to my place & I’m feeling tired and blue.”

Charlie Robison’s Middle of the Night is another one that you’ll have to beg, borrow, or steal. “Can you tell me why I can’t find the door?”

Ach. So many boozy nights, so much money poured down a bottomless hole. Can’t say as I’d change a thing, unless it was everything I could change, and then where who would I be?

Now I shall pour another two-fingers-and-one-cube and turn down the lights and cue up Neko Case. Which reminds me, I feel pity towards those who don’t buy the whole album…without the whole album, you’d never know Louisiana Stripes and the need to play that late at night on a two-lane with a cool one sweating in the console trying to decide if 5mph over the limit is okay around these parts or not.

Driven to Drink + Happy New Year

They kind of go together, one supposes. Windows 8 has driven me to drink, by virtue of being only slightly in charge of an upgrade. Combined with a handful of XP machines. And nobody knows nothing about nothing. And it’s all breaking all over the place. And I’ve never laid one finger on Win8 until about six hours ago. I see you can download it for forty simoleans, and I’m inclined to do it, just so’s I can see.

Happy New Year to ye. I’m going to eat dinner with the Old Country Doctor, and then I shall be here in my cabin, alone, drinking Keystone Light, and I might hand me down the Jim Beam Black what’s roosting on the top shelf. If you see stuff following close after this, then you will know I have done so to excess.

I shan’t complain about the auld year of 2012, either, as I have survived it & I am a pretty happy man about that.