Daily Archives: December 18, 2012

Joshy-Josh from the LALA POV

“For the second year in a row, the Angels put out big money to land a slugger, giving their fan base hope and the Dodgers a little kick in the shins.”

I just checked and yes, the Angels did finish third in the short AL West last year. Which was won by the Oakland Athletics & a payroll of about CJ Wilson’s Axe Body Spray budget.

None of which is to indicate that I believe the Rangers aren’t looking up at the Halos, based on statistical evidence. Just saying, baseball is a screwy game, and it’s absolutely awesome, and I want to just hibernate, go to sleep, until Spring Training, and wake up to see what the Cattleman and the Quant have cooked up for my beloved Rangers. Except I don’t, I like all this jabber-jabber.

More Joshy-Josh / Halos & bonus Pujols from meganerd Posnanski, basically saying “they’re kind of old for baseball players.”

Which is not to indicate that I believe both of those two will never produce again. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. It would surprise me, greatly, if they both produced at MVP levels for the duration & price of their contracts…yes, that would surprise me an enormous amount, since it doesn’t appear to have ever been done.

Guh…I can’t end these baseball posts. How I hate plowing through these next few months of football and mutants-in-underwear-in-the-gym. I get a nice little jolt with Daytona, the Super Bowl is mildly interesting, but jeez, it’s just frozen tundra till April. Didn’t used to be this way, I could get on the bandwagon for all the other stuff. Of course, I had a bookie and some baksheesh then, and that injected a little ooo-la-la into the cold, hard, cruel winter.