Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

Send in the Snot Tanker

Three weeks of bronchitis was no fun, and more debilitating than this current cold, but this current cold has re-wired my sinuses to generate more mucus and snot and junk than really should be possible for a human. Further, it’s either completely solidified and not moving one micrometer from the center of my head, or it’s draining out and into my throat or out of my nostrils. Pretty to think about, ain’t it!

Big Dick has demanded an accounting of the loss of Josh Hamilton. The Official TFG Position is “hate to see his stats go, don’t mind not overspending for them, enjoy the nut & his wife, SoCal.”

“Looking at it now, I think it’s a blessing in disguise,” Hamilton said. “I gave them everything I had for five years, so I’d be lying to you if I said it didn’t bother me a little bit, that they didn’t put the press on.”

Hamilton deferred to his wife, Katie, to describe what went wrong with the Rangers, who had agreed to let Hamilton get a feel for what he might be worth. But by not striking first, she said, they found a new love.

“My take on it was we were with them for five years, and if you’re going to date somebody and they’re going to be your man or your woman, you make it official and make it known pretty quick or at some point that you want to be with them,” she said. “They let us date other teams. Josh said he would give him the first chance, and they didn’t take him up on that. So, they let us go out and date people and give our hearts away.”

Said Hamilton, finishing his wife’s thought: “They didn’t put a ring on it.”

And he & the little lady seem to have some legal problems cropping up. It’s a minor thing, likely nothing, but it’s indicative of what Hamilton seems to have turned into over the last year. I don’t know what that is, because I can’t read the man’s mind. From here, though, it looks like a guy who decided to bust out of a shell of safety he’d put himself into in the first place, for very good reasons. Hubris, or maybe more of a humility dial-down…he doesn’t sound terribly over-proud, not when compared to most every other 32-year old former MVP super-star.

Well, whatever…he’s gone to the Angels. Adios, mofo. I’m not going to panic and knee-jerk. It’s still a long time till Spring Training (O! such a very long time!). The market is fluid, very fluid. Trades can come out of no where in no time. Signings and injuries and the long arm of the law and kooky human beings means anything can happen that can change everything for anybody.

And as always, Joey Matches is way more on top of this from every angle, and I suggest you go read that instead of this. My head hurts from my snot-laden sinuses. Adios.