Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

Katie The Idiot Hound

It’s been in the twenties the last two nights. Katie, the rescued hound, has chosen to hunker down in her same old patch of dirt next to the house overnight, rather than a) using the straw-filled dog house 10 steps away, or b) moseying 50 yards to the hay barn with the south-facing door.

New button and potential Extremely Tiny Bidness

So Tiny it doesn’t even deserve the name Bidness.

I’ve spent the last five days working on this little bootable USB massive damn reference library thumbdrive for survivalists preppers. I got the germ of the idea from Claire Wolfe. Mark here provided a very complete set of links to torrents and downloads, as well as an explanation of the project.

Basically, it’s roughly 15 gigabytes of public domain reference material assembled to assist third-world countries in bootstrapping out of third-world status. Most of it is indexed. I’m working on the rest of it. As well as working on an alternative indexing scheme, as time and material and energy are available.

That’s why I’ve been off the screens for a few days. It’s something to do, that I can do, that I like to do, and I can do it kinda good, too.