Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Things what’re on my mind this fine summer day

- To AC or not to AC, there be the question. It’s not the heat, which hit 80° over the weekend, it’s the mugginess.

- I’ve been sitting on the scan results over the weekend. They weren’t good, but then they weren’t bad. The lymph node that we’ve been keeping an eye on continues to grow in activity. That means it’s likely cancerous. It could also mean that it’s active because of this persistent bronchitis which I’ve been fighting since around the time of the scan. Taking no chances, my oncologist is sending me to a consultation with a radiation oncologist regarding a CyberKnife treatment. Doing that depends on my radioactivity profile, and the ability to target the lymph node. The node in question is a sub-carinal node, which is in the middle of (for lack of a better term) a mess of stuff — see Node(s) 7. Anyhoo, if it’s not treatable by the CyberKnife, it’ll mean more chemo. Most likely. Unless the bronchitis gets conquered, and the activity level goes down, and it gets checked again before treatment. However, important to note here, this particular node has been on the radar since Day 1, so most likely, it’s just plain old cancerous, and has to be treated. Me, I’m all, like, well, whatever, let’s do it, or let’s don’t do it. There’s so much of the unknown here with cancer, but then that’s life in a nutshell, ain’t it? I just happen to have it right here looming up in front of me.

- A range session on Saturday taught me that there are two kinds of guns I probably shouldn’t shoot — pistols and long guns. My eyesight is so deteriorated that I could only barely get on the 2×2 paper at 100 yards with iron sights using the long gun. First time I’ve shot this particular rifle, so it could need some sighting in, but I highly doubt it. Pistol results, at 5 & 10 yards, were bad in a different way. I’m pretty sure I was either limp-wristing it or over-muscling it or flinching or I have a changed dominant eye or my Weaver stance is no longer any good for me. The only hope for the long gun is some kind of red-dot sight. The only hope for the pistol is some kind of laser. Those things, and a lot more (expensive) shooting. And perhaps, a Ruger 22/45 for cheapie practice? I want one of those anyway.

- Baseball’s winter meetings are underway in Nashville, TN. Your basic stuff about these meetings can be found on just about any news-ish website. I prefer Sports Illustrated for that kind of general thing. For only the best of Rangers news, though, you can go straight to the kids at BBTIA, who continue to provide superiour analysis.

- There’s still no hockey, I couldn’t care less about the NBA, and I cannot stir myself to get excercised about the Cowpokes. My sports universe is dark and barren, a cold, hard interstellar vacuum between at-bats.