Daily Archives: November 27, 2012

Nomination for Theme Song of Extreme Right-Wing Survivalists by Corb Lund

I don’t guess you have to be extreme right-wing to be a survivalist*. It probably helps, what with all the guns and Bibles and stuff.

TFGlandia was introduced to Corb Lund by the esteemed Canuck Jane Finch several years ago. He’s a good Canuck, who lives in the iPod under the Texas Genre. Strongly recommended, and it looks like he’s got a new CD** out, so I just commenced the download.

*I’m informed that I’m not a survivalist any longer, rather, I’m a prepper. Kinda fits with the old Boy Scouts’ motto of Be Prepared. Rebranding, though, seems too New Agey.

**Oh, lookie…he’s got a song on it with Hayes Carll. From Dallas. Little bitty old world, huh?

FOR REASONABLE HAYSEEDS UPDATE: Not a survivalist? Try Cows Around: