Daily Archives: November 14, 2012

Crazy juggy twins cause meltdown

The comedic aspects of this whole megillah get more comedic. The first murder of an American ambassador in 30 years is merely a ginned-up Republican distraction campaign from President Golfpants’ re-election. Mix in two crazy Lebanese 30-somethings with big boobs & miniskirts (& a super-weird twinned-up photo pose), Robin Leach-ish social aspirations, apparent gobs of money from what’s probably a vastly overworked husband, and you get something the Fourth Estate or Fifth Column, or whatever they style themselves as these days, absolutely positively cannot get their fill of.

You just can’t say Idiocracy often enough.

You know what would be funny? That poor deluded bastard who married the Social Climber of 2012 is off in Missouri for deer season, no phones and shit, and shows up Thursday or Friday, ready to relax and get back to earning to pay for the next OTT shindig that the nut wife already has on their holiday schedule. Really, what does he get out of all this honorary ambassadorship / social liaison would-you-please-put-a-picture-of-me-in-the-paper horseshit?