Daily Archives: November 9, 2012

“Pellets or crumbles”

I’ve been giving serious thought to chicken ranching, and this kind of thing cracks me up: “What am I supposed to do, ask the chickens? How should I know? And why is there variety anyway?” The issue here for me would be the enormous volume of eggs. I can manage about two eggs per day, though I could wedge in a hard-boiled egg four or five days a week, which is about what, an hour of boiling, cooling, peeling, and containerizing for the icebox? Or…

Pickled eggs! With feral pigs feet! Gallon jar! I’ll become a McGuane novel.

I wouldn’t mind the ranching part, as long as the new hound is agreeable, if there someone to pay for the feed and take the extra output off my hands. Though I’m given to understand that the chicken egg can be coated with mineral oil and will remain edible for durn near a year.