Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

Many a man has survived on Bar-S bologna

“So our question is: at what point does the perpetually self-deluded US population finally admit to itself that when even 99 cent meals are no longer affordable, that this country has a problem?”

The feral hog breakfast sausage is ready at the butchers, and will be retrieved manana. First thing I’m going to make with mine is gonna be a nice breakfast taco, I think. Then, like the old days with my old man up in that Paris (TX), provided the sausage is edible, I’ll make a skillet of sausage gravy. We used to live on that, with biscuits. Of course, I also played tennis for three hours a night then, too, but whisky tango foxtrot…I got the cancer, I’m gonna eat like the hog that I am.

Oh, yeah — that’s why the Golden Arches is having a suck month. I reckon I can fix a baloney sammich for cheap.

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Gitcher evil black rifles quick!

Feinstein rumored to be pushing semi-auto ban if Obama reelected

California Senator Dianne Feinstein‘s Washington, D.C. “…staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF [Firearms Technology Branch/ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives] legal staff to discuss a new ‘Assault Weapons Ban,” Jim Shepherd of The Shooting Wire reported yesterday, characterizing the meeting as a “rumor” based on “pretty good intelligence.”

Feinstein’s rumored bill “would ban pistol grips and “high-capacity” magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of ‘weapons in possession’” Shepherd writes.

We already know President Mulligan supports this — he said so right on national teevee. Hell, I told you this months or years ago, but I’m too rushed to look it up.

Well, America wants a Santa Claus and they got Santa Claus. It won’t hurt you to disarm yourself. Nothing bad ever came from that. Why would you need guns in Utopia?