Daily Archives: August 26, 2011

Dear The People of The East Coast

I have no love for any of your baseball or football teams. However, even if you are a Bosox fan, an Iggles fan, or a (gagging now) Yankee fan…please do what the smart guys are telling you to do and get the hell out of there before this hurricane hits. If that’s impossible, and I’m sure there are cases where it is, get your shit together and Be Prepared. Water, emergency lights, food & a means to shovel it into your pie-hole, fire-starters, battery radio, clothes, a knife, medicine, fully-charged cell phone, whisky, your papers, and as I always practice, a means with which to defend yourself from zombie attacks. And yes, I do mean a gun. Stuff it in a bag, and keep it to hand.

If you’ve got it, add rope, large trash bags, duct tape, first-aid kit, water purification tabs w/ water bottle, a pot to cook in, TP, dopp kit. I’m never more than a minute away from any of that, and a hell of a lot more, to boot.

I’m praying for you guys. And if you get the chance, get out…I don’t want to see even a pale imitation of Katrina.

That Was A Long Week

Lots of appointments, lots of phone calls. All of it physically draining. To add to that exhausted feeling, I’ve had a few of those “wake up in a cold sweat, shrieking ‘Oh, GDMFSOB!’” nights. A good night’s sleep is a treasure, friends, even for the old farts like me who have to get up and pee twice a night.

Mentally, I’m fairly drained, as well. There are just so many things to coordinate. Since I’ve been doing this on my own for a very long time, it’s fairly second nature, but it’s still taking some time to get my head around it. Plus, not being able to plan for any kind of work or sales activity…well, that’s just damn irritating. I’ve been working somewhere since I was 12 or 13. I love work. I love customers. I love vendors. I love managing all of that. Well, I don’t love the book-keeping…that I suck at mightily.

But, the way I’m thinking of this crap…this is the biggest project of my life yet, and one I’m going to have to manage successfully, if I want to have a shot at coming out the other side. Other people have done it, and we’ll see if I can.

In other non-C news, I’m proud to see that our Big Mommy gummint is finally, FINALLY! getting a handle on the national embarrassment that is the working conditions of goat-herders. No longer will I, as an American, have to lower my head in shame when the subject of goat-herders comes up. I yearn for the day when the same can be said for goat-ropers.