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Secession Watch, 01JUL10

Somehow, thanks to age and ennui, I keep losing track of just what the hell the Federal Government is good for:

EL PASO – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today demanded that President Obama send more troops to the Texas-Mexico border and used the shots that hit El Paso City Hall as an example of increased violence on the border.

Mexican gun battles with bullets hitting Texas city halls. I remember reading about times like this, somewhere in my undirected reading over the last 45 years. There was a solution to the problem as they saw it whenever it was that such an unthinkable thing happened. I wonder if it would work now. Probably not. Right?

Here in 2010, I can’t help but giggle at the idea of an Obammy Uncle Sam chasing after a murdering Mexican, except maybe to give him a green card and a motor-voter application.

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You know, this joint looks like it hasn’t been touched, design-wise, in about four hundred years. The reason for that is that it hasn’t. Been touched.

Should I even mess with it? Add some of that new whizbang technology that I routinely do for the paying customer?

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