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Pooka Shell Juxtaposing

Watch the original:

And the re-make:

I love watching Ray Davies doing everything in his power not to freak out, while David Lee Roth totally overdoes it later on down the road.

Here’s another VH fave of mine:

Such great guitar in here…but you watch the video, and you begin to understand why Roth got the boot. What a peacock he is, but I don’t know if they could have been what they were without the boy.

Here’s more greatness in the early world of the MTV Nation:

That’s probably the one song on earth where I think the drummer is worth the oxygen. But again, Roth is the canned ham hogging up the video. As it should be, since it’s all visual. I love how this scandalized everyone back then, too. Good stuff.

Feel the love

I understand that people have a hard time with the concept that we get to decide what is news and what isn’t, and what is fair and what isn’t.

– the managing editor of a local fishwrap

I don’t feel like Googling the Seattle P-I’s readership and advertising numbers. I’m guessing they’re down, just like every other fishwrap across this great land. That kind of conceited arrogance might just may be be one of the reasons why.

What’s the rumpus, you might ask? The P-I decided not to run a picture, provided by the FBI, of a couple of swarthy dudes who’d been fingered as running some odd sort of surveillance on ferry operations in and around Seattletown. Which, I am given to understand, ferry ops are a pretty important part of the Seattletown economy.

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Confederate Yankee: Misfire: AP’s Bogus Ammo Shortage Story

According to two spokesmen for the world’s largest ammunition manufacturer, which runs the military’s ammunition manufacturing plant and separately, is a major supplier of law enforcement ammunition, it is a massive and unexpected increase in law enforcement ammunition demand that is causing delays in law enforcement ammunition delays, not the war.

Once again, a media organization with target fixation seems to have widely missed the mark.

This kinda relates another post about mediots and press bias.

It also kinda backs up my original contention, in a minor way, that we don’t need a full-auto AR in every squad car, nor do we need Expert Marksmen manning them. After all, those are my tax dollars they’re blasting away with there.

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Standard OP

More Storms Slam Flooded Midwest

Guess who was in Chicago when the Storm of the Century of the Month hit? Guess who spent $300 on cabs and hotels rather than spend the night at Midway? Guess who realizes it wasn’t worth it, having only gotten 4 hours of sleep, since he had to be back at the airport at 6am?

Needless to say, I’m whipped.

UPDATE: My penny-ante problems, solved by a 2½ plane flight ain’t nothing.

The flood authorities reckon that 4 feet of water will be in my little one story house by breakfast time. The house will be a total loss – not even worth rebuilding. At any rate, it will be uninhabitable for weeks.


I find it incredible that 4′ of water makes a house a total loss.